Primary Name : para-Aminophenol
Chemical Name : 1-hydroxy-4-aminobenzene (IUPAC), 4-amino- phenol, p-amino- p-hydroxyaniline,
p-aminophenol , 4-aminophenol , 4-hydroxyphenylamine
CAS. : 123-30-8
EINECS : 204-616-2
Empirical formula : C6H7NO
Physical form : White crystals or powder, turning brownish on exposure to air/humidity
Molecular weight : 109.13


Para Aminophenol is an organic chemical soluble in water and alcohol but not soluble in chloroform and benzene. P-amino phenol is a prompt reactive while exposing to oxygen in alkaline or acid bases and a powerful reducing agent. It is white crystalline with melting point 186°C. P-aminophenol is an intermediate in dye manufacturing and widely used as a photographic developer. Jay Organics is specialized in manufacturing world class Para amino phenol that has been highly demanded in USA, Indonesia, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Africa and Asian countries.

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