Primary Name : Resorcinol
Chemical Name : 1,3-Dihydroxybenzene, 3-Hydroxyphenol, 1,3-Benzenediol m-Phenylenediol
CAS. : 108-46-3
EINECS : 203-585-2
Empirical formula : C6H6O2
Physical form : Light pink flakes
Molecular weight : 110.11

Resorcinol Manufacturer & Supplier

Resorcinol has vast area of application like it is used as an effective chemical intermediate in production of organic compounds, diazo dyes, plasticizers and in pharmaceutical formulations. Resorcinol is also treated as UV absorber in resins. In medication, it plays a vital role as an antiseptic, ointment preparation and various skin disease treatments. Jay Organics has gained immense recognition as a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of excellent quality Resorcinol and deliver to the world wide clients that have been highly demanded in USA, Indonesia, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Africa and Asian countries.